Sunday, November 1, 2009

Three Pretty Things : 11/1

I have a confession.

Only one of these things is pretty in the traditional sense. The other two just delight me. I thought maybe I could get away with it for two reasons: first, because usually beauty causes delight... so I'd be accomplishing the same goal by a different route. The second reason I thought I could get away with it was because... well, let's face it. This is my site.

So here are Three (Kind Of) Pretty Things.

Still taken aback by the beauty of some of these college campuses. It's like I'm walking on a movie set, because it really is that perfect of an environment.

So this was when I was trying to snap a shot of my costume to TwitPic last night... didn't realize till later I appear to be giving myself the finger. I'm five years old, yes, and that makes me snicker.

This one is delightful, too, because not only is that expression priceless, but I can finally see a concrete benefit to all those years of art lessons and my degree in graphic design. A fake mermaid tattoo. Yay!

BONUS Pretty Thing! Sure, call me a liar, but I figured any of you who are students or are visiting family/friends/vacation spots for the holidays might be able to relate to the beauty of this text message.

What made your week prettier? Tell me in the comments!


Michelle "Rusty" Cate said...

Having seen a gentleman "little person" at the Texas Renaissance Festival who was dressed like a gnome, complete with a red pointy hat, pot belly, and real fluffy white beard, I feel like my weekend was quite pretty.

Kiki said...

What exactly was your costume??

Karen said...

1.) A new REACH Dental Floss from Johnson & Johnson (I'm a little obsessed with flossing, and not in a rap superstar kind of way). 2.) Clean sheets! 3.) Finding my tube of MAC Nymphette, which had been MIA for a month.