Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Halloween

Happy Halloween!

Last night I carved pumpkins with friends and created this lovely lady.
Any ideas what I should call her?

I've graded a few papers today, but have spent a good chunk of my time helping prepare for a charity Halloween party tonight, where I'll be volunteering. I still get to dress up though -- yay! -- and I'm aiming for 60s bouffant hair and winged eyes. Somehow I must incorporate a bright orange staff shirt... I'll probably send out a Twitpic, so if you haven't joined me on Twitter yet, do it now!

What are your plans for tonight? I'd love to hear about your costumes and plans in the comments!

Stay safe tonight!


Sid Prince said...

I'm seeing you as a Cruella Deville.

I don't know why...

Could be my fixation on strong women with bi-polar hair. Or it could just be my love of all furs Dalmatian. Who knows!


Kiki said...

I don't know what would work with a bright orange shirt, but good luck!

You could name her Isabelle, since you don't have your watch anymore!