Monday, November 16, 2009

Day Five: Good Riddance

Today's goal is one that will be hard for me.

I'm getting rid of stuff.

One of the things I'm removing from my life is the stovetop melted mess. Yes, I still have that. No idea why, since all it does is sit on my countertop and remind me of a rice cooking failure.

"Remember that time you failed as a woman?" it whispers tauntingly.

"Yeah," I respond miserably. Well, no more!

The second thing that's exiting my life is a bag of shoes I don't wear. We're talking years since the last wear. It's time for them to leave my closet and find other feet. I'll be donating those somewhere they'll get some love.

The last thing I'll be giving away are some items I know my friends admire. I don't need them, don't use them, and only have them because I like to own things.

Some of you are probably so bored out of your skull by this list. But getting rid of things is really hard for me. I am looking around my apartment -- and it is FULL and it is currently a MESS -- and I see nothing that needs to leave. Despite knowing many, many people live with far less than what I have, I can't imagine not having every.single.thing here.

So... like I said, this is hard for me. But it's a good beginning in terms of purging my belongings, and I can know that doing so might have benefited a few people in tiny ways.

How are the rest of you doing in your week of slight improvements?


Kiki said...

Well, you come by this behavior naturally. ;o) If it helps, my apartment is quite cluttered, and I have about three bags of clothes I need to donate just sitting in a corner.

One Sassy Girl said...

I have failed miserably. Work has taken over my life once again. I DID blog more, reading almost ten new blogs yesterday and a few of my ol' stand-bys. Naturally, not a single new blog has returned the favor. I just think that's bitchy. There, I said it! Hmpf!

What's the point of reading someone else's writing and commenting if no discussion results? Right? Or is it just me.

Sorry, you didn't request a bitchfest, just an update. And my update is I'm failing at my 3 things (but I am making some good money!).

Sara said...

Good for you for purging your belongings! I think once you do it, you'll feel really good. I find it to be quite cathartic, but it took me a long time to get to that place.


Feelmore said...

I'm the biggest packrat. I have boxes and boxes of clothes to sell on ebay that will probably be vintage by the time i get to it.. so good on ya!

Ashley said...

You should totally invite me over, because I love getting rid of stuff! You would probably hate me throwing out your shoes, though. ;)

Christi said...

Good for you! I've done that purging process a few times over the years. Some by my choice and others by circumstance. It's good to make room for the new....

Lorena said...

Purge helps. This is a good step.
I should do it too. I can´t let go.of anything.
Shoes, feelings, thoughts. Past times. I should do your week project. Good luck, it's almost over!