Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day Six: There Are Other People In The World

Today is Day Six of the Week of Slight Improvements, and I'm really glad we've been doing this.

But one thing that's bothered me is that as I write about my meager efforts, the focus tends to be all on me. And that's not really what I intended.
(Yet I use a picture of myself... interesting how I conflict the messages.)

So today's goal is to push some of that attention to people and organizations I think you should know about.

First, people. I could tell you about some of the famous bloggers I read regularly, but I thought you might want to know some of the lesser-known writers who provide me with feedback and encouragement.

Sarah Spelled With No H -- she's just fantastic. She's honest, funny, and has become a venting buddy.

A Hot Piece of Sass -- might one day rule the world, so be her friend now.

Makeup and Beauty Blog
-- Karen has a huge following, but still makes time to chit chat with the people who love her... thus perpetuating a cycle of adoration.

Sid Prince Explains -- he's taking a break for NaNoWriMo, but when it's there the writing is great and the author is quick to engage his readers.

Second, causes. There are a lot of great organizations out there that you should know about -- and I have a special place in my heart for Pantene Beautiful Lengths, Locks of Love, and the Susan G. Komen Foundation. But Skip1.org gives you a super easy way to make a difference every day.

Skip1.org PSA from Skip1 on Vimeo.

Third, I want to highlight someone who's living a great story -- and wants to help other people do the same. Check out Chris Guillebeau (yeah, I don't know how to pronounce his last name, either) and his adventures at The Art of Non-Conformity.

But please, let's not end here! Share in the comments people, organizations, movements, stories, whatever that you think are worth some attention. I want to learn something new, too!


K said...

You need to have a different picture. Your hair looks horrible in that one.

Sara said...

Thanks for the shout-out! That's so very kind.

I walked past a stranger and told her that I liked her boots. I think I did that due to our influence, so that's good, right?

I agree on Sass. I think she's going to control the universe someday.

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

I will have to go check out those blog links.

Sid Prince said...

Hey Christina - thank you for the blog love! Very kind. Very kind.

"writing is great" Why, that's the nicest thing ever written about me in public!

You're the best!


Sara said...

Wow, just saw my typo. How embarrassing.

"I think I did that due to YOUR influence..."

Vic said...

Your hair looks fine...you should see mine...:)

Feelmore said...

Right on! Like your list of groups, locks of love is one of my faves. Oh hey, also gave you a little award on my blog today... for being awesome, of course

One Sassy Girl said...

Wow, thanks!! If/When I rule the world, you will have a definite place in the cool kids club. Not a politician's promise there, it's the real deal.

Good things in the world... well, on a small day-to-day level, my good friend stood up for a total stranger the other day when the receptionist at their optician's office tried to embarrass the poor woman loudly. I was impressed that my friend found the motivation to speak up for what's right, when she could've looked the other way.

Glimpses at every day good are so precious to me. Great post!