Monday, November 23, 2009

I Am Not Liz Lemon

A few nights ago, I sat on my couch watching "30 Rock" on Hulu. I was eating Nutella from the jar, having already downed take-out teriyaki and my daily serving of fruit (V8 juice).

And that's when it hit me.

"Amy, I am eating Nutella from the jar while watching television. I'm one stick of fried cheese away from becoming Liz Lemon!"

I got a text back: "No. If you were Liz Lemon, you would've peed in a jar in order to scare off a roommate. I'm pretty sure you haven't done that."

"Maybe I have..." I mysteriously responded.

"If you had, you would've called me immediately to brag. And that's only if you didn't have your phone within reach to call while you were doing it," Amy texted.

She was right, because I am predictable. I am much like Liz Lemon, minus the crazy antics. That leaves me with glasses and neurosis.

Let me clarify: I am not opposed to comparisons to Tina Fey. She has been called the pin-up girl for smart men, and I am okay with getting lumped into that category. But Liz Lemon is the smart, hard-working, slightly frumpy gal who takes everyone's crap and sits at home eating in her free time -- not my life's dream. So I started wondering... what is the antithesis of Liz Lemon?

My conclusion: anyone with an ounce of glamor. So this week, I won't give you the play by play, but I'm working on incorporating everyday glamor. Research (read: "Google searches") shows that there are diverse opinions about what constitutes this state. Red nail polish? Platinum hair? Expensive belongings? Or is it more of a way of being...?

These are the things I'm working on figuring out. And while most people work their entire lives or careers to achieve something like glamor, I'm aiming to have it done by Saturday.

I'll let you know how that goes.

In the meantime, help me out: what do you think makes someone glamorous? I'd appreciate the shortcuts, since I only have six days to get this right.


Feelmore said...

first off, i had to immediately respond to tell you that my dream too is to pack up a typewriter and only stop to work when i need the money...

and secondly, i find that to be extremely glamorous. i think glamour is best in the form of an adventure. adventures are great because they can be big or small and can definitely be free. (yay! free!)

i also think you should make a very long boring video of you eating nutella out of a jar whilst wearing a feather boa around your neck. instant video art. i think this would be insanely glamorous.

megstar said...
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megstar said...

I immediately think of Audrey Hepburn when I hear the word "glamorous." She epitomized glamor and what it means to be a woman--in my opinion.

Personal infatuations aside, I think being glamorous begins with respect for yourself. When you love yourself (not in a narcissistic way, mind you), you act differently. You carry yourself in a way that says, "Yes, I am a woman and I am beautiful." That, to me, makes you glamorous.

Of course, if all else fails, see the above comment and wear feather boas wherever you go.

K said...

Yes, Audrey Hepburn is definitely glamorous. Of course, so are Sophia Loren and Leslie Caron. I would suggest investing in some nylons with a back seam...that's what I've done. :o)

Sara said...

Glamorous I am not. I strive to be classy... most of the time.

I think it highly depends on your definition of glamor (Why do I want to put a "u" in that word? What am I- English?).

I know what's not glamorous- ear hair, TP stuck to your shoe and Paris Hilton.

Sizzle said...

And here I saw your photo and thought "Mary Louise Parker".

I love Liz. She's hilarious which makes up for her frump.

What's glamorous? I think you need to take a taxi somewhere for cocktails and order some oysters or tar tar while wearing heels and a fab outfit.

Ashley said...

I'm glad you don't pee in jars, but you do look a lot like Liz Lemon. That's a good thing! She's adorable.

Anonymous said...

Wow...I have never seen "30 Rock," but man, Tina Faye, there is far worse...;)

:: Gina :: said...

dont know how i came across your blog.
but glad i did.

sarcastic, cute, funny and intelligent!
yay! im your new stalker haha


ps. im leaving the comment here because one of the reasons i clicked on your blog was because you looked like tina fey in your avatar =)