Sunday, November 22, 2009

Three Pretty Things : 11/22

My week has had so many lovely moments. It was difficult to choose just three to share with you.

Some things that didn't make it -- not because they weren't great, but more because they didn't photograph well -- were excited text messages from friends who are arriving from California tomorrow (!!), good conversations with great people, cooking breakfast for friends, and an hour of flying with my two favorite pilots.

And I know this week promises more of the same kind of happiness.

For now, though, I'll show you Three Pretty Things from the last seven days.
I'm amazed how a tree, reduced nearly to the appearance of dead wood, can still be so beautiful.

The shape and color of these leaves are delicate and perfect. When I cross them on the brick sidewalk I feel like a bride, before whom the lemony petals have been strewn... that in some way, the ground has been made more beautiful in preparation for my feet.

If you didn't know: I love cemeteries, and this is one of my favorites. I went for a long afternoon drive last week, and stopped here to enjoy the aura of peace in the church graveyard. I left when someone apparently called the church's security team and they came out to give me dirty looks for quietly wandering their open, unlocked cemetery.

Tell me about the highlights of your week. What has made it pretty?


One Sassy Girl said...

The quiet Englishman who has caught me attention at work... walking through fluffy, crunchy fall leaves with my dog trotting ahead of me... and figs wrapped in bacon at a dinner party I lucked into. O.M.G. they were yummy, a quality I suspect the Englishman shares.

I love the idea of this post. It gives insight into your week while helping me to recall and appreciate mine.

Deb said...

I love cemeteries, too. There's a very old and beautiful one across the street, with a pond where we take the kids to feed the ducks regularly. It's so peaceful. As for my pretty moments, hmmm. My little girl (though she does have her devilish side!) is finally growing enough hair for me to actually brush. It's a dirty blond with ringlets at the nape of her neck and soft as down. Verdict: ridiculously pretty!

Sara said...

The most beautiful things I saw on my drive from NC to Indiana:

1) the frost on my lawn as I left my house in Boone
2) the Waffle King restaurant in Tennessee
3) the bridge in Louisville that leads me to Indiana
4) the butt-load of tomato-based BBQ sauce on my plate at dinner last night

TallGuySurfing said...

A pretty part of my week? Leaving the stadium at the end of the 3th quarter of my beloved Florida Gators football team (I am a Gator football freak) to see about a girl. :-) A 45-minute conversation at Starbucks was well worth missing the end of the game.
Nice pictures. I love the one of the leaves on the bricks.