Sunday, November 15, 2009

Three Pretty Things : 11/15

Wow, what a week. I know I'm not alone when I say that it seemed like it took forever... and not because I was so busy making great memories.

But the truth is, I DID make some great memories (Friday the 13th party!), I ate some great food (uh, did you see all the chocolate I made?), and I saw some really pretty things. Here are this week's Three Pretty Things.
It looks like either the moon or Epcot, but in reality it's a building on one of the college campuses where I teach.

I love autumn colors, and I also love the organic, lacy web created by those bare tree branches.

The photo seemed to be of better quality when I saw it on my iPhone screen, but seeing the city spangled out in multi-colored crystal lights... I couldn't help but include this picture.

Tomorrow we can go back to talking about slight self-improvements, but today I just want to focus on appreciating a beautiful life (and 76 degree weather).

As you think back over your week, tell me: what made it pretty?


Bethany said...

Very pretty- wow, that building is huge! Right now, I can't see past I'm tired and not nearly ready for another week!

Lemiffe said...

Wow! How cool!

I had the most normal of weeks, no 3 pretty things until today.

I've started trying to stop using the computer on Sundays (at least until night time) and do things to help others, or to go out with people for a nice time, or walk around the city, go sightseeing, all those things. And I found many more things than just 3 pretty ones, because it is in these days, where you feel unattached and unobliged to work and to feel stress, that you really enjoy everything you do, every second you live.

Good weekend!

Sara said...

The weather was gorgeous today. Granted I could only appreciate it from inside Panera, but the sky was very clear and blue.

I like the previous person's idea of using the computer less on Sunday. I should do that because clearly, I'm addicted to mine and I'm not using it for good.

Sara said...

...or for writing papers, for that matter!

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

you are so lucky to get beautiful Fall colors. i live in Los Angeles, so it's fairly dull green right now.
enjoy your week!