Monday, September 7, 2009

Why Am I Too Pretty For This?

Everyone has that moment.

The moment when time stops, and you look around at the situation you're in, and wonder, "How did I get here?"

You were careful. You made good decisions. You were kind and trustworthy to other people, and responsible about your obligations. You worked hard, thinking things would work out because that's what everyone told you.

Instead, you landed in a hot pile of MESS. Crazy people and even crazier roadblocks jumped in your way, leaving you to wonder what you did wrong or what red flag you missed. You have plenty of time to think about this, by the way, because you get to slog through the muck that usually surrounds a Solution.

I think these mucky moments are important, because they are where the best stories happen. They're the times in which one must make a choice.

And I don't know about you, but they're also the moments when I get angry, feel a sudden surge of energy and stubbornness course through my veins, and hear myself rage, "I am too PRETTY for this crap!"

I don't sit still and wait for my imaginary butler or Prince Charming to come fix it (though I might wish one or both of them would). I get up, I make things work, and I try to find a way to make sure that particular stupidness never happens again.

Odds are good you are too pretty for a lot of crap, too, but deal with it just like me.

So, this site isn't about vanity. It's about the stories of surviving often-humorous hardships of Life that our mothers and fathers and teachers inadvertently taught us only happened to other people.

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Sara said...

Not to be a giant stalker, but I really love the idea behind this blog and I believe I shall enjoy reading more!

DeAnna said...

I love this...and I have a feeling I'll be using that phrase a little from now on. :)

Mae said...

It's a good catch phrase... get it out there to the world!

Anonymous said...

Ha! So glad i came to visit because now I have something to distract me from the fact that I'm Too Pretty To Work :)

Julie Roads said...

Terry Starbucker sent me to you - and I'm so, so glad that he did. Because I'm in the middle of one of these situations right at this very moment. And it really does help that you understand that I'm way to f***ing pretty for this sh*t (not sure if we're aloud to curse on your blog or not).

FYI, you are fabulous and I'm so glad that you exist in the world. Really.