Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Glamorous Life?

This past Monday I told you I was going to work on adding some glamor to my life.

It wasn't as if I planned on transforming into Marilyn Monroe (because there was this one time I just tried to imitate her and instead of looking gorgeous while holding down a billowing skirt, I looked like I was touching myself in public... not okay). I was actually just trying to prevent myself from turning into Liz Lemon.

I documented the week in pictures, so let's take a look together, shall we?
You can't see it, but I'm also wearing grey skinny jeans and knee-high black leather boots. Does that aid the glamor factor or make it a hooker-worthy ensemble?

The Glamorous: outfit looked pulled-together (and I was later validated by seeing a similar outfit worn by Maegan of

The Not-so-glamorous: having friends flip through iPhone pictures and demand to know why you're taking pictures of yourself in a Starbucks bathroom.

The point was to showcase the bright red lips I sported all day. Instead, you can see I was pre-gaming Thanksgiving dinner with lots of pasta, cookies, and snacks. And that I would never make it as a model with those weird faces I make.

Ahh, Thanksgiving. I thought plaid seemed "American" enough to wear to celebrate. It seems that I also wore food on my shirt to celebrate (some sweet potato casserole leaked on me during transport).

This is definitely not glamorous.

Yeah, even the second picture of me is all like, "Are you serious, Picture One?"

Last day (today), and looking down at this snap made me feel like I didn't accomplished my goal. What I did accomplish was 1) putting more effort into my appearance, 2) trying a few things I wouldn't normally (was surprised to like the red lips), and 3) thought about some of the glamorous people I know.

My friend Meng, for example. She is gorgeous enough to be a movie star, it's true, but what draws people to her is a sense of humor, desire to have fun and be silly, and to always make other people feel important.

As I thought about Meng, I said to myself, "I could work on those things... heck, I already have the humor. Maybe I should just work on becoming a better person."

Even though that seemed like a Liz Lemon thing to think, I was okay with it. Maybe being like her isn't really all that bad.

And then I accidentally took this picture.
No more better person crap. I'm on my way to glamorous!


Ally said...


I really like Tuesday's outfit and definitely wish I could put together outfits like that. I think I'm missing that gene.

:: Gina :: said...

the last outfit takes the cake
and i think you kinda know it ;)

rachel kara said...

that last comment made me laugh!! too funny. keep it up :)


Heather said...

I think you're gorgeous! Love the week in pictures! You did great. And I love me some skinny jeans and knee high boots, though I'm not quite skinny enough to pull it off without looking like a pear. ROFL You're beautiful!

Stopping by from SITS

Alexandra said...

I really love your glasses.
This type don't look good on many people, but on you they're super!
Also, love your face on Day 3. Too cute!


Kristin said...

I'm so digging the last look. Big chunky necklace over a turtleneck. Gorg! And how do you get your hair to do form those perfect waves/curls? I'm forever trying to achieve that. Sigh.

Sara said...

How on earth did I miss this post??

Those are some glamorous looks you put together and I'm proud of you for making the effort. I think I would've gotten sleepy by Wednesday and stopped washing my hair completely.

That last mistake picture is super pretty.

Side Street Style said...

Oooh I like the scarf on day one and the necklaces on the last two days - but ALL the outfits are very nice with a touch of glam!!! Great it :)

Organic Meatbag said...

Hehehehe, I would take pictures of myself in the mirror in the men's bathroom at my workplace...that is the only room/mirror in which i can enjoy looking at myself...hahaha