Friday, November 6, 2009

PhD In Procrastinating

Today is a day of thoughts that don't connect.

Those in academia probably understand -- with the holidays coming up, grades and projects and deadlines are all coming up at once, which can be stressful. Even if there's no stress, there IS busy-ness.
(Where am I looking? Into the future, of course.)

So today, I've been trying really hard to be productive. I told myself I would finish up an application for a doctoral program I reaaaaaaaaally want to be in. Have I finished it? No. But here is what I have done instead:

I told the owner of a fabulous independent coffee shop that I am loyal to Starbucks. Yes, this communications professor knows her audience! Actually, he asked about my coffee habits, and I explained that my connection to the caffeine giant is many-layered: I'm from Seattle, my grandfather was Jewish (as were many of the early investors), and I appreciate the way they have attempted to look out for employers and customers. I then critiqued their current customer strategies and gave a prediction about the future of the company.

I had a conversation with a former co-worker about the phrase "I'm too pretty for this!" She discovered this site, read where the phrase originated, and heard it pop out her mouth while in conversation a few days ago. Yay! (And if you were wondering... yes, she's definitely too pretty for whatever it was)

My best friend refused (for like the millionth time) to marry the man I've selected for her.
And I argued with her, because he's absolutely perfect for this wonderful woman. She insists he looks gourd-like, but I don't think she has any room to quibble over things like that, since she continues to confess love for that collection of wrinkles, Bob Dylan.

I described my love for the program I want to get into in gorgeous metaphor:
"seriously... this school
is like a mink coat for my mind
just unbelievably stunning and perfect
i want to roll around in it and stretch out luxuriously and then flaunt it once i know it's mine
i'm not sure if that makes sense..."
My friend suggested I make that the first paragraph of my admissions essay. Who knows? I might.

So there you have it... what I have and haven't done today. I have a brain that works and is creative but currently refuses any of my suggestions about what it should try doing.


One Sassy Girl said...

Considering wearing furry hides is all the social rage now, I support your application approach.

I snorted when I read the "looking into the future" bit, which is unfortunate since I'm supposed to be suavely into my computer "work" in the eyes of the man who continues to ignore me.

Snorting is hot, like fur coats. So, we're good.

Sara said...

I love the phrase "I'm too pretty for this" and I need to make it part of my every day vocabulary.

And what is wrong with your friends when they won't comply with the decisions you've made about their future? The nerve some people have...

Good luck with your admissions essay! I suck at stuff like that. I still don't know how I got in my grad program.

Kiki said...

Does her boyfriend realize you are trying to marry her off? I think he may be less than amused.

CanAmGirl said...

In the book of Phraseology, "I'm too Pretty for This" needs to be inaugurated.
Loved the metaphor, Dr. Mrs. Graves would be so proud.

Yaya said...

Don't you just hate when your match making skills aren't followed through on?

Janice Mae said...

I am the master procrastinator myself, I think blogging somehow forces you to do something, make something, share something...

Mae said...

I'm with Janice Mae - blogging forces you to do something, ANYthing... cause people are watching... or at least you're hoping they are.

It's kind of like being raised in a very stern religion and not kissing boys because God is watching... except blogging is way more fun.