Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I Take Notes

So because I'm super organized and have an iPhone, I regularly take cell-notes so I don't forget important things. These are a few of the items I felt it was important to record for future reference:

"Jews don't use reindeers, they drive Subarus." --my brother on the difference between Hanukkah and Christmas

"Hey! A finger peeler!" --my sister, on receiving a vegetable peeler

"We have a saying... 'It's like a dead man talking about cold butt cheeks.'" --a student, talking about who knows what

"Business opportunity: flame retardant underwear." --this seemed reasonable after the roller derby bout...

As you can see, I never forget a good idea. What are some of your winners?

Saturday, June 19, 2010

We Almost Froze to Death in a Blizzard

I promised you video, and it only took a month for me to follow through.

But so worth it.

Here, you will see me talk to you in a pompous way with my weirdly moving lips (seriously, everyone else learned to talk and look normal at the same time... but not me). You will hear poor Laura's lament about our misadventure. And you will learn the dark secrets of Yellowstone.

How can you not watch?

We survived, but JUST BARELY.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Christina Cross Country


This was supposed to be updated long before now, but my new camera -- the one with a YouTube sticker on the front -- apparently creates HUGE files when taking video. Not all that YouTube friendly, despite the misleading sticker. I tried uploading yesterday for an HOUR, and only got 45% of the way through a short clip.


I feel angry (cue the T-Rex stomp), frustrated (do I even *have* two hours to upload a minute-long clip?), and completely unequal to the task of explaining how lovely it was to drive across the country with no real plan.

You know, other than to make it home alive.

On the way, I got sunburned by Lake Michigan...

Met the King of the Corn Palace...

Got stuck in a blizzard in Yellowstone...

And spent time with Laura Lee, who not only helped drive (like when I pulled over and said, "It's too windy! I've driven four miles! It's your turn again!") but also let me drag her everywhere in the name of sightseeing.

If I can ever get the video loaded, you will laugh and weep and experience every human emotion and feel a deeper connection to humanity. In the meantime, you can suffer and thank my stupid camera for it.