Thursday, November 5, 2009

What Daydreams Revealed

Sometimes while I teach, I wonder what is going on in my students' heads. There are definitely times when I can tell whatever they're thinking about, it isn't the HURIER model of listening or how nonverbal communication works.

Glazed-over eyes communicate volumes, I say significantly to a sea of glazed-over eyes. No flicker of recognition. Awesome, I'm talking to myself again.

I arrived early to one of my classes today, and as I looked at all the empty desks, I realized I was being given a window into what students daydream about while in class.

What a discovery! If I'm armed with this kind of knowledge, I'll be able to integrate some of those daydream topics into my lectures and keep my classes constantly engaged! They will learn and succeed and one day make a movie about me, the teacher who transformed their lives!

I started tearing up as I made my way to the scribbled desk tops.

Here is what I learned:
Some students dream of growing up to be... Rosie, the robot maid from "The Jetsons."

They are also afraid of satellites and television sets that develop the ability to walk.

Most importantly, however, my students are dreaming of Kenmore appliances.

I don't think any of this is going to help me at all. Unless... I let my students put foil on their heads to protect them from alien attempts to control their minds.

Hmmm. That might work.


Christopher said...

Want to really experiment? Sand down one or two of those desks and see what NEW stuff gets added.

AJ said...

OH MY GOODNESS this made me laugh out loud... "for reals". So funny! I am going to be reading this one again!

Feelmore said...

This is absolutely hilarious! The desks almost look like Egyptian inscriptions on relics of some sort... I was dying of laughter after the Kenmore appliance comment, very much love your blog!

One Sassy Girl said...

I want those desktops!! They're such a flashback to high school... sigh.

If you're getting them in a stream of classes - like you're 5th period out of 7 or something - you don't stand a chance. They're so overstuffed with info it's nearly impossible to hold on to the hear and now.

I should know. I was in school for 8 years after high school!