Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Flaming Iron, Part II

For those of you who have been asking about my little adventure with ironing and flames, here is the update.

The day after the incident, the maintenance guys came by while I was away and laughed themselves silly. Then they removed two burners and replaced them with new ones.

Why did they replace two burners? Because my iron had melted firmly to both, creating the odd object seen in the picture above. The guys had no choice but to take it all out at once.

I wish the pictures I've taken with my iPhone better depicted how fascinating this blob really is. It's been sitting on my countertop for a few days now, because I can't yet part with it.

You can see its innards!

With one of the trays that was also destroyed... but not bonded to with dripping plastic.

That nob used to move... but no longer.

Even friends have come by to take pictures of this mess. I'm not the only crazy (though I guess I'm the crazy who created it... oops). But now you all know... the REST of the story.


Kiki said...

lol Lovely, Christina! Please don't get another iron for a while. You seem to kill them.

CanAmGirl said...

Wait...are you suggesting that the "friends" who came by to take pictures of the mess (to post on facebook, might I add) are crazies? :p

Christina said...

Kiki: my clothes all got together, laughed, and collectively wrinkled. I might need another iron.

CanAmGirl: I think that might be what I'm suggesting. ;-)