Friday, September 18, 2009

Why Do You Do It?

Why do I write?

Two weeks ago, I received an email request. One of my students asked if she could interview me, saying that she aspires to be a writer. She wanted to ask me a few questions for a project for another class.

So when I arrived to class half an hour early last night for our interview, I came expecting to hear typical project-type questions: How much can a writer expect to earn? (They can expect nothing.) How difficult is it to find work? (Finding work isn’t difficult, but getting work…) When were you first published? (How do we define “publishing” anymore?)

Many of the questions were standard and predictable. But then came one I didn’t expect.

“Why do you write the way you do?”

I had already explained that I like to write humorously, that I want people to smile. It took me a moment to formulate an answer.

“I write the way I do… because I think it’s important to laugh at life. Especially when it’s hard. Because if you can laugh, you can survive.”

I think we should all ask ourselves similar questions every so often. Your time and your energy are too valuable to waste in unfocused effort. Your talents are too unique to spend without a goal. You are too pretty to work aimlessly.

Articulating a purpose is important, yet so often we don't. But it only takes a moment to change that.

So tell me: Why do you do what you do?

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Holly said...

In short, I do what I do because I love helping people. (I'm a nurse, btw)

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