Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Guest Post: Being Pretty

I don't know why everyone thinks I'm so amazing, but let's be honest: they do.

When I enter a room or walk on by, eyes stare and jaws drop. I sway seductively and add a little bounce... yes, I know what I'm doing... and keep going. They're going to watch me as I leave and remember me for days.

Is it my curves that draw men to me? Maybe. It's certainly one reason. But even women can't get enough of my body. Green envy and admiration swirl into a heady concoction that I drink in. I can't help I'm this pretty, and I can't help that everyone wishes they could have me for at least one night.

But it's not always easy being me.

Someone is always trying to make me settle down. I get roped into things that become binding, suffocating, and all I want to do is escape. I've gotten a reputation as being a giant headache, but I don't think that's fair.

Today I just couldn't take it. I felt the breeze skim over me, and wanted to participate in the freedom. I danced and swirled in the fresh air and sunlight, soaking in the light-hearted breath of autumn. I chased circles and twirls of the breeze until my joy was suddenly halted by someone warning me of tangles and messes and Proper Behavior.

So I do what I'm good at.

I enthrall the eyes and incite some desire. I flaunt my curves and make women jealous. And I try to enjoy myself within the confines defined by someone else.

I am too pretty.

This guest post comes courtesy of My Hair.


Kiki said...

Yes, yes, your hair is lovely. Fortunately, it happens to run in the family. ;o)

Anonymous said...

I guessed it right away! Btw, that is a great picture of you.

Anonymous said...

I guessed it right away! Btw, that is a great picture of you.

canamgirl said...

Please tell me that is an iPhoto pic!! That pic would deserve to be in the gallery :)

El Chema said...


Sid Prince said...

You know, Wife Prince has your folic doppel-ganger (yes I'm proud to drop that nerd word on your pretty blog), but I'm not sure she's yet imbued it with its own identity, personality, hopes, dreams, wishes, and (not) complexes.

I think it may be good for her to do so.

I shall copy her to this blog and she shall read it.

My challenge word for posting this comment? frosep. Serendipity if you ask me.