Monday, September 14, 2009

Can Anything Good Come From The Flu?

My fever has broken, which up until today was a sign that I was almost ready to re-enter society. Unfortunately for me, I decided to be a responsible citizen and double-check the issue of viral spread, and learned that I might still be contagious... just not as contagious.


No one's sure, apparently.

One thing that is sure? I am sure that I will be leaving the house tomorrow, because I am absolutely SICK of these walls and this carpet and the view from my window and my neighbors giving me funny looks for hanging out on my balcony in plaid pajama pants all day. Cabin fever, anyone?

So while I'm still in my self-imposed (and selfless and heroic) quarantine, I decided to compile a list of all the things I have learned from this experience, which was my way of trying to find a silver lining. Here it goes in no particular order:
  1. I learned there are a lot of varieties of chicken soup that I never would've otherwised tried. Teriyaki chicken soup, I'm looking at you!
  2. Naked Juice comes in fun-sized containers that aren't nearly as fun as you'd think by looking at them.
  3. If you tell people via your Facebook status that you accidentally dumped Naked Juice all over your face, they will intentionally misunderstand you.
  4. It's dangerous to live in Ikea Heights.
  5. I realized that Stewie from Family Guy has a head shaped just like Arnold from Hey Arnold!, yet no one ever comments on that. Is someone covering up some incestuous cartooning?
  6. I CAN actually go without coffee for more than 24 hours without my head exploding. It was a close call, however.
I haven't learned anything especially valuable, it seems. But I want to hear from you! Tell me in the comments, what have YOU gleaned from some stupid situation over the weekend?

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