Thursday, September 24, 2009

Friendship Fixed Today

Some days, I wonder how I'm ever going to do all the things I'm supposed to do.

I don't know how to climb those mountains, or jump through those hoops, or swim those oceans. And guess what? YouTube doesn't have a video about how to make your problems go away without actually dealing with them (I know, I typed "how to make your problems go away without dealing with them" into the search function, and got results featuring Looney Tunes and the Jonas Brothers).

Today I really wanted a quick fix. I slept fitfully last night thanks to nightmares and resulting insomnia, and looked forward to my longest work day of the week. Coffee wasn't going to cut it.

What in my life could help me get me through the day?

Steady friendship.

Amy and I have known each other for more than 13 years and maintain a strong friendship. Yesterday we had a conversation online, and I realized as I looked over it again today that it's in the context of those exchanges that we give one another the tools necessary to survive and give life meaning.

I'm sharing part of that conversation with you here so you can see what I mean... and maybe better identify the people in your own life who do the same for you.

P.S. Amy is reeeeeally funny.
2:19 PM Amy: there's a baby here
now i want a baby, too...
2:20 PM me: ask to change it's diaper
you'll be okay not having a baby then
especially if it's a newborn
2:21 PM Amy: haha
it is
me: yeah
they poop green toxic waste
Amy: he's so cute!!!
me: toxic waste comes out his butt, amy
2:22 PM listen to me
that's not cute
Amy: you're right...

17 minutes
2:41 PM me: okay, new blog post
2:44 PM Amy: yay!
me: yes
now i feel like i got something done
2:45 PM Amy: aww .. i love that post!
i love your blog
2:46 PM me: aww, thank you
i don't know how great of a post it actually is
given the way i tried to frame the site
2:47 PM Amy: i think it's good
you can't have every post be the same, you have to have different kinds of things from time to time
2:48 PM right now, you're still posting the context of the blog... laying the foundation
in six months, you'll be able to do so much with it
2:49 PM me: this is true
okay, i just changed the picture
2:51 PM Amy: how come?
me: because i didn't like that one
i just snapped a similar one
2:54 PM Amy: it's cute!
2:55 PM me: haha good

3:10 PM me: let's run away
3:11 PM Amy: oh, please, yes
me: now that i wrote about seeing work and problems as necessary conflict, i'd rather avoid them
Amy: let's run away to a tropical place
me: okay!
Amy: with white beaches and fruity drinks
me: perfect
how do we get there?
Amy: airplanes
3:12 PM i think that should do the trick
me: oh whew
there are lots of those!
Amy: exactly
3:13 PM me: okay
we're going to have to figure out when
and how
and where exactly to
but i'm glad we have the basic framework down
you + me + airplane
3:14 PM Amy: + beach + booze
me: oh yes
those are important, too
Amy: = happiness
and... on-call massage therapists?
3:15 PM Amy: hell yes!
3:16 PM me: hurray!why aren't you here for me to bake you cupcakes??
Amy: because i suck
3:21 PM me: no that isn't it
it must be the work of some evil gnome or step-mother
3:22 PM (see how i'm incorporating elements of STORY into my interpretation of life? this is working really well for me!)
3:25 PM Amy: that could be... a curse
a curse to keep us apart
by some jealous party
me: everyone is jealous of us
Amy: i like this fairy tale already, because it doesn't involve a prince
me: so that doesn't really narrow it down much
Amy: that's true
me: haha
no princes for us
we make our own stories happen
Amy: just toads
3:26 PM yes, we do
me: we are the best people in the world.
3:27 PM Amy: without a doubt
me: i can't wait till they make us into a movie
3:28 PM we're going to start clothing trends and be almost as gorgeous as in real life
3:31 PM Amy: i just met the baby... HELP
3:32 PM tick tock
i promise you
Amy: ahhh
that's better

You don't have to talk about Deep Things with Deep People constantly to invest in someone. But investing more and more over time is what produces the best friendships, the best lives, and the best conversations.

Friendship fixed today.


Anonymous said...

This is a lovely post -- sums up how I feel, too. And I still think we should run away.


CanAmGirl said...

Even the deepest valley's can be forged when you have someone to forge it with you! Thank goodness for friendships; it is the calm in any storm.

Anonymous said...

So glad you have friends in your life like Amy!

Nicole said...

Friends are the greatest! <3

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest! =D