Saturday, September 26, 2009

I Made This Out Of Nothing

I don't create things with my hands.

I craft words for a living -- both written and spoken -- and have never been good at making things. One reason is I don't like being patient. Another reason is I don't like following a set path, and the construction of many things requires at least some attention to directions.

But making something feels good. It's wonderful to look at a finished product, to point to it and say, "I made that out of nothing."

I made that out of nothing.

I actually made two loaves out of nothing but flour, water, sugar and yeast.

There was something therapeutic about kneading, folding, and punching a lump of dough after a long week. The CBC's streaming audio provided me with my soundtrack of classical music crescendoes that seemed appropriate to the task at hand.

I'm not be able to change the things this week that made it seem so long. I can't erase the mistakes I made along the way, either. Sometimes, crafting words -- no matter how well put together -- won't fix a situation.

But what I can do is make something new and fresh in my own kitchen, with my own hands. And I can hope that other parts of my life will also be made new.


CanAmGirl said...

Seriously, the men that are missing out because you are not in their life right now...

Kiki said...


Anonymous said...

When I needed therapeutic release, I made banana bread and Kahlua.

Dorkys Ramos said...

This makes me want to go bake something...anything. Looks yum :)