Sunday, September 13, 2009

I'm Not Too Pretty (Or Sick) For These People

This was my day.

In an effort to contain my contagion, I stayed home for the third day in a row. I've been doing my utmost to make sure this particular flu virus dies with me.

The problem is that it gets super boring to sit on a couch all day. And even at my sickest, I'm too pretty to stay at home (seriously, the no-makeup and swollen eyelids look is a pretty close duplicate of some of the faces plastered on the New York Fashion Week runway models).

What I'm not too pretty for, however, is the kindness that's been poured all over the place by the people who love me. These are just a sampling of the check-ins I've gotten over the last few days.

I've gotten other messages of friendship, too... messages from people who were only mildly scared of my germs and much more concerned about my well-being.

Thanks, guys.

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