Sunday, October 18, 2009

Three Pretty Things : 10/18

Midterm grading is kicking my butt, but I have been so fortunate this week. I have people in my life who truly care about me, who drop everything to make my life beautiful. These people are the ones I think about when I think of the highlights of the last seven days.

The Three Pretty Things are just that -- pretty. They enhance my life, certainly. But you may notice a theme: they reflect experiences with people who matter to me.
This picture was actually taken more than a week ago by Hunter Cox, but I first saw it this week. If you can't tell, I'm the lucky duck getting a piggy back ride. In a metro station. Soon to be up an escalator.

Homecoming weekend just ended, and I attended this party. Fugitive dogs, wrecked golfcart, and watching a young man light a cigarette in a bonfire on a windy night... a good time was had by all.

Not only is the view here beautiful, but it's where I was when I tearfully texted a friend that yes, I would love it if she rearranged her entire day to have coffee with me. I spent a few minutes with Frederick Buechner, too, who managed to calm my spirit and dry my eyes before I left.

Tell me: what has made your week pretty?


Dave said...

You've met Buechner? His non-fiction is quite thought-provoking.

Christina said...

I've unfortunately only had the pleasure of meeting Buechner through a collection of his sermons, but I always feel better and more at peace after reading one.

Dave said...

His autobiography was especially intriguing. Buechner is one of few authors whose fiction isn't nearly as engaging to me as his non-fiction.

lemiffe said...

I went to the museum. I never enjoy going to museums, but when your not obliged to go there, but you go there by your own will, things change a bit.

Don't you agree?

Michelle said...

Wow. I"ll have to dig hard.

Let's see.

a wonderful, Titus 2 mother/grandmother at church took the time to counsel me in child rearing yesterday.

I got a wonderful email from a friend about the same thing.

A friend made my family an entire meal because my hsuband is out of the coutnry for 3 weeks.

Guess that wasnt as hard as I thought it would be.

Over from SITS.

Missy said...

Coffee, God, Chocolate and TV have made my life pretty this week (not necessarily in that order.)

Stopping in from SITS.

Anonymous said...

Fall foliage has made my week pretty!

Ally said...

Some sunshine, a new grill which has produced delicious hamburgers/chicken/hot dogs, working from home, chilly nights requiring snuggling under covers, and the promise of a delightful weekend. Happy Friday!