Thursday, October 8, 2009

Garlic In The Glove Compartment

It has been a LONG week, and I haven't been good about posting here. But there is good news...

I finally purchased a car!

I took this picture yesterday after I got home. When I called my mom later in the day to tell her about it, I wandered outside to my balcony... only to see two blue Toyota Camrys parked next to one another. And I didn't know which was mine.


Luckily the car came with a beeper thing, and I was able to point and click. The prettier of the two blue Toyotas honked politely and flashed its lights at me. My mother then advised I hurry and put garlic in the glove compartment before anything bad happened.

Why garlic in the glove compartment, you ask?

Because my Grandma Paula was from Transylvania, and it's traditional to put garlic in new cars and homes to ward off vampires and evil spirits.

This morning I found that one thing garlic will not protect against is "check engine" lights. I immediately took the car back to the dealership, where they agreed to take care of the [minor] problem since I bought the car less than 24 hours ago.

Either the world is finally realizing that I *am* too pretty to deal with crap... or the garlic worked. But as long as things keep looking up, I don't care too much about the reason.


Anonymous said...

Just think if you had put the garlic in right away! Without your Mother telling you to.

K said...'re still having that problem where there is the potential of attempting to break into someone else's car. You have a knack for that, apparently. So good thing you have the bells and whistles.

P.S. Ummmm...we all know that the modern day vamps have no aversion to garlic, by the way...just sayin...but I digress.... ;)

Kiki said...

Congratulations on the new car! I hope that along with the garlic you also bought an air freshener. ;o) Maegan said...

omg that's amazing! Your grandma from Transylvania? Garlic in the glove? I love it.

AngiDe- Nana's Box said...

Wow, if garlic can get a dealership to fix your car I must try it ;)

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"Nana's Box"

Yaya said...


Love the garlic rule!

PS Thank you for stopping by on my special day!

Bethany said...

Nice car! My family loves Toyotas! The garlic thing is too funny though.