Sunday, October 4, 2009

Three Pretty Things : 10/4

It has been a long week.

And while a lot of things went right in the last seven days, a lot of things went wrong, too. I'm glad I began this Sunday project, because in the name of continuity I was forced to review my week and search for the good moments. They were there, hidden perhaps in the shadow of dead cars and frustrating circumstances, but I found them.

That's a copper dome that I see twice every week, shining in the morning sun.

I see this majestic building twice a week, too. I can't believe I get to work on such beautiful campuses.

This image might not seem "pretty" to you, but it is to me. The night my car died, my friend Trevor played Scrabble with me from 3,000 miles away. He did not let me win.

Tell me: what tiny pretty moments have you enjoyed this week?

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Anonymous said...

My three pretty things: The sun coming up over the lake. My wonderful son getting off the church bus, after being gone since Friday. And my dog coming to greet us when we came home from church. Love this idea!