Friday, October 23, 2009

More Than A Haircut

I did it.

I was so afraid I'd burst into tears and make myself look like a big baby. I mean, it's just a hair cut, right?

Except that for the past several years, that's what people noticed and complimented. Whenever I mentioned the possibility of cutting it, an overwhelming outcry broke out -- sometimes coming from people I barely knew -- saying I should keep my long curly locks.

Sometimes that made me want to chop just to remind everyone who owned this hair, but I never did. I got attached to it, and finally had the princess hair I always wanted.

But I wasn't prepared for the dread I felt when I finally decided it was time to donate. The identity I've built for myself has included long hair for years, and now I was suddenly going to be one of those shoulder-length girls.

There's so many of them.

My friend Renee comforted me on the drive to the salon this morning, reminding me that while my hair might be less eye-catching, I still have my signature big glasses. And while talking to her, it occurred to me that in a very small way, this is probably what my friend Marie meant when she said her identity changed when she lost her hair.

Except for one big difference: cancer stole that from her. I was choosing to give mine to spare an already-hurting person from a tiny portion of that experience.

I stopped whining.
And I experienced joy.Goodbye, hair.


megstar said...

I LOVE it! You are beautiful and you have given someone an incredible gift. :)

Lemiffe said...

Congrats! Now you can say you have done your good deed of the day multiplied by the number of days you left it long... That's a lot of days.

Sid Prince said...

C-Pretty - I couldn't be more proud of my new friend if you were my wife/sister/daughter/girlfriend! You are an amazing person and I'm honored to know you.

(plus the new look is really really hot!)



(my wordsmiths-ness gets lost when I'm flustered, really really)

CanAmGirl said...

I really don't know how to follow Sid...but you would be beautiful if you decided to revive the "Sinead O'Connor" look ;)

Glad I was a small part of this experience! You are a beautiful friend, in all manner of beauty!

Anonymous said...

Good job! Your hair is still beautiful!!!

Bethany said...

It looks great! Someone will be very happy with their new hair!

Anonymous said...

The haircut looks amazing! And you did it all for such a great cause! Good for you!

Anonymous said...

I love it! You look awesome, and the person who got your hair is hella lucky! :D

Tali said...

You look stunning and the hair gift... thats just so kind hearted. You rock!! xo

Sara said...

Sweet holy mother. You had some freaking long hair!

The before was absolutely gorgeous and long and the after is stunning and beautiful.

You win either way and you did a really good thing!