Wednesday, October 14, 2009


In the past year, there have been several people who have treated my life like a furnished apartment.

They came in, made themselves at home, and rearranged everything.

"Hmm, that bookcase is too close to the doorway... I'm going to push it into the bathroom. And this rug? Let's roll it up and lean it in the corner. Yes, that's nice. Okay. Now there's room for the kiddie pool I wanted in the living room."

None of it makes sense, right? Right.

And these people have forgotten one very important thing: this is not their space. It is MY space, and the things in it are MINE. It is important to ME.

And for far too long, I stood like a flabbergasted onlooker, unsure what to do about these rudely-behaved hooligans. I let them rearrange my life into such disorder that I am still reeling from the effects of it, even after I shooed them out of the apartment. And now I have a mess to clean up.

I don't quite have a solution or formula for success in such situations. It would be nice to come out of it with something tangible to show for all my trouble. But I do know that from now on I'll stand my ground, I'll point them out the door, and I will remind myself I'm too pretty to fix other people's mistakes.


Lemiffe said...

That really sucks, it tends to happen. I have let people rearrange my life, and I have tried to rearrange other peoples lives. If it is not welcome, one should not do it.

In my case, fortunately, I let my life be rearranged into something much better, so sometimes it has it's good effects.

By the way, did you do the "hair cut" thingy you posted about a while back?

Christina said...

Thanks for the encouragement and the perspective. I'm working to make this rearrangement into something good, too.

And yes, the hair cut is coming... I'll be sure to document the experience. :-)

Kiki said...

I think that your life may need a guard a rottweiler. Instead of showing people through the door, you just say "sick em." :o)