Saturday, October 2, 2010

I'm Rich, Are You?

Do you have people in your life who makes it soooo much better than it seems logically possible for them to do?

I mean... let's say a person is worth 5 TPFTs (the unit of currency around this blog), and as you add up friends you see your little happiness bank account get fuller and fuller. But then you have this one friend who is magic like compound interest....!

I don't think I mentioned I finally opened a retirement account, did I?

Anyway. My point is, I am apparently a financial friendship genius, because I have several people like that in my life -- and I don't think that's common.

Here are a few of them.

Ace reporter Amy, who makes me food and hands me these never-empty wine glasses (told you: MAGIC). She is also the one who makes me buy the clothes that always end up being my favorites -- without her I'd be naked all the time.

Professor Laura, who now is far too far away from me, but loves me more than I deserve. We were roommates for several years, and she was the one who'd whisk me away when life was overwhelming... and we would just drive until things made sense. Or until we ran out of gas and got hungry. Even though the driving can't happen as often, she's still like a sister who has my back.

Carnie princess Ashley, who helped me survive the travails of grad school and living in a podunk town. Now she's off running an amusement park -- which makes sense, she's super amusing -- but is still the one I think of first when I want to plan a pirate-themed party or crave an extra-special milkshake.

Songbird Renee, who has been my sounding board through many hard moments. She's on my side all the time (even when maybe I don't want to be on my side). She also wrote my theme song. This isn't it, but you should still listen.

So many more people who love me and I love, but these are the first who come to mind. These are the people who are not obligated by blood or money to be around, but do it anyway.

So tell me in the comments: who in your life has enriched you so much more than makes sense? I want to know!


Abigail said...

First of all, I love pirate-themed parties. A whole lot.

I have four incredibly close friends who I know I can rely on in any situation, no matter how far away we live from each other. They don't all know each other, oddly enough, but to me they are my rocks. They make everything, like you said, magical. When I'm down, suddenly there's a package in the mail with bracelets and sweet note. Or a phone call that's wonderfully funny and sarcastic and makes me forget my troubles.

Also, there's my mom. We talk about literally everything. Don't know what I would do without her.

It's nice being (friendship) rich, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

You add an incalculable wealth to my life Christina...I wish that I could enjoy the richness of having you geographically day...:)

Fijufic said...

I'm rich with friends but it is a double edged sword.

Losing them to tragedy or death is painful.

The law of large numbers makes this more commone than I care to discuss.

Nice journal. You are hilarious. Mind if I tag along?


Sara said...

I think it's fantastic that these people have descriptions, purposes and titles. My favorite is Carnie Princess. I also love that you have a friend who feeds you.

I was once surrounded by these people who consistently racked up many a TPFT point (it took me longer than I care to admit to understand that was the title of the blog). Anymore, I find I'm running low and coming up short more often than not.

Sadly, the art of dry wit is not readily understood in these parts, and rarely is it adequately reciprocated.

I'm hoping to find some snarky people who make me food and listen to something other than country music.

Yes. I, too, love my friends who make me food. They are the blessed ones. And when they die, they shall go to the happy hunting ground known as Ken-Taco-Hut. And they shall be rewarded with flaky biscuits, supreme chalupas and a pizza buffet.