Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Week So Bad a Bumper Sticker Made It Better

It's been one of those weeks.

This is actually one of the best moments... thanks to whoever found this cheesy bumper sticker profound enough to adhere to his or her car.

Disclaimer: I, too, had some terrible bumper stickers on my first car.

Since I'm out of material (thanks, cold virus and hit-and-runner), why don't you tell me in the comments about your "I'm too pretty for this" moments?


Fijufic said...

Oh I have a million of them...

Matt said...

Ha! Gave mine to all those around me. (Reference bumper sticker - Wouldn't want any more misunderstandings) Never got it back, so now I wait for a donor. ;)

P.S. That's a lie. Just never got back what I wanted when I needed it. Or what I needed when I wanted it.

Hope you feel better.

Sara said...

Maybe it's my own issues with commitment, but I won't just slap any old thing on my car. And the fact that someone saw that and thought, "Yes! That is exactly what I want on the back of my vehicle for as long as it lasts me. This way, anyone who rear-ends me will see it before they smash into my bumper!" is beyond me.

I'm sorry your week sucked. Maybe you should go to a pumpkin patch. And if you do, make sure you go to one with a petting zoo. You need to pet a goat. I think it would help.