Saturday, September 25, 2010

Beauty Is Transformative, or, What I Learned From a Recent Zombie Experience

DISCLAIMER: My Twitter followers did not find my tweets about this interesting. HOWEVER, my Facebook pals thought it was hysterical... all that to say, it's kind of a toss-up how you'll feel about this post. You're free to stop reading and I'll forgive you.

Now on to the story...

Two nights ago, I dreamt I was being chased by zombies. Luckily zombies are super slow in more than half the films documenting their existence, so I actually wasn't aware I was being pursued... until I decided to hang out in a dark, Tim Burton-esque meadow. Smart.

Tip for zombie interactions: don't acknowledge them, it only encourages their behavior. Just keep pretending they don't exist.

So I saw a zombie coming up to me. Did I run? Shoot her in the head? Scream for a hero to help me?

No. All my zombie escape training went out the window.

I gave her a makeover.

In dreams, it's amazing how much you can carry without even knowing it. I gave this girl a whole new look -- everything from a blow-out to new makeup.

(The blow-out actually turned her hair pink and then it melted -- I'm not sure we're calling that a success.)


She wasn't a zombie anymore!

What does this dream mean? It means that beauty is transformative. That unexpected love can heal what nothing else can help.

Way to go, subconscious!

Now, if I can only figure out why the makeover turned her from zombie into a talking coffee mug...


Sara said...

Did you mix red and white wine before you went to bed that night?

I did last night and then dreamt I was being chased by these forms in bags. I couldn't hit them, but if I grabbed their faces, I could squeeze and pop them like a bag of potato chips.

Then, I went up to the mezzanine level to watch the rest of the show.

I think it was very inventive of you to give the zombie a makeover. I also appreciated the photo from Shaun of the Dead.

Your brain entertains me greatly.

Abigail said...

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Jenna said...

I never noticed but the man standing next to Shawn looks like an older Harry Potter...