Sunday, December 13, 2009

Three Pretty Things : 12/13

Pretty things, pretty things... yes, they happened, but did I pay attention this week?

Not as well as I would've liked. But here are some that I did manage to catch.

My last drive to teach my last class at the community college.

Makeshift menorah when I couldn't find my own. This picture is abnormally clear because I didn't take it: my friend Renee (with whom I celebrated the first night of Hanukkah) snapped this one.

This picture makes me laugh. Laura came to help me pack, because she knows I always end up hyperventilating. This picture was taken the moment after she dumped out an old purse onto my carpet.

"It looks like... turds!" she screeched. "No, wait. These are cookie crumbs. Why do you have cookie crumbs in your purse?"

"Because someone put a cookie in my purse," I responded with an eye roll.

Ah, memories.

Tell me: with the holiday rushing, were you able to notice the pretty things? If so, what were they?


Debbie said...

And that is why you never dump your whole purse out! Who wouldn't find gross stuff down in the bottom?

NoReturnMom said...

If you think cookie crumbs in a purse are gross, I invite you to check under the cushion of our high chair. Even though I'm sort of used to it, some of those science projects have me shuddering for days.

As for pretty, watched a huge orange sunrise with my kiddo this morning. :)

Sara said...

Happy Hanukkah!

I rather enjoy your makeshift menorah and I hope you enjoy your next 3 nights (It's 3, right? Started last Thursday?).

I had a rather unfortunate weekend, so I also did not stop to see the beauty in life very well.

I did, however, open a new jar of peanut butter last week and it was glorious!