Saturday, December 26, 2009

In A Strange Land

I didn't realize I'd stepped through the looking glass.

But things -- little things -- didn't add up.

The hours of waiting. The strange sounds. The phone calls that never came. And that disembodied voice that intoned, "You've got mail."

Yes. I'd left the Land of the Living and stumbled into 1995.




So while I'm residing in this strange land for awhile, I was smart (lucky?) enough to bring my iPhone and laptop. And although new posts won't appear every day, I'll be writing often (meaning more days than not) and Tweeting throughout my waking hours.

I will also be taking obscene numbers of cheesy photos with my overweight dog.

How are all of you? I feel like I've been missing out on your lives, so please fill me in!


Monique-aka-Surferwife23 said...

Loving the overweight pup!!

I'm out of the loop myself. I'm kind of anxious for the holidays to wind down already.

K said...

There's always Starbucks, Pumps 'n Grinds, and the library for wifi. When you come over, we have wifi here so remember to bring your laptop. :o)

Anonymous said...

Oh my god... no internet or dial is my idea of hell...

How we're so used to being connected?
Your dog is so cute, great blog.
All the best for 2010 x

Sara said...

I'm glad you are safely in Seattle, with a fluffy dog and your laptop.

Dial up? Yikes.

I'm on a blogging block. As soon as I can organize my thoughts (no small feat, mind you), I will attempt another post. Could be rough.

Bethany said...

I hear ya- when I was at my parents' for Christmas, I had no cell service. Thank goodness I got them a router or they wouldn't have wireless either. Hope you are enjoying being home!