Thursday, December 17, 2009

Goodbyes Can Be Good

In a few short hours, I won't own most of my stuff anymore.

A fraction of my belongings got shipped west. I nearly broke my back carrying one box of books, so I was really glad when the Post Office gentleman offered me a cart for the remaining three.

But most of my things are get adopted by new homes, because sending it cross-country doesn't make sense.

So I said goodbye to the couch. It's held me on cold days when I curled up to read, when I threw myself down to cry, or when I laid there for hours staring at the ceiling, struck down with swine flu.

I bid my bed adieu. The place where I dreamed, studied, and talked on the phone hours into the night... we're going separate ways.

My dressers full of clothes and secret stashes of gifts and chocolate. My desk and swivelly green chair that never got the use they should've (studying... in college?). My tables and bookshelves and coffee mugs... it's time to part.

But as I shed these old things, things I like or love or have attached to memories, I'm shedding weight that could keep me from the things I want more.

I have to say goodbye, because my life is being made new.


"Julie" said...

packing and moving can be so freeing! I did it 2 years ago, and while I hated parting with a ton of stuff, it felt so good afterwards! Good luck and try not to lift tooo much!

Monique-aka-Surferwife23 said...

So does the new couch owner know it comes with some swine flu cooties?!

And when do you ship yourself cross country?

Christina said...

@Julie: Yeah, I just had three guys come and haul out my stuff. I opened doors and asked their opinions about whether or not I broke my toe by kicking a box of books. They seemed unconcerned when I said it bends sideways now. ;-)

@Monique: Luckily, the couch has a washable slipcover, so it's cootie-free! Wouldn't wish that mess on anyone. Speaking of... how are *you* feeling? I'm going to fly out on Sunday... so weird to think about!

CaJoh said...

Just hope that everything arrives in the same place at the same time. Wouldn't want to be without those things you need.

I never moved across country, so you'll have to give others advice on what to expect and avoid.

Good luck with your move,

Sara said...

I hope your flight is unaffected by snow and that you get out with little to no delay or other such poppycock.

Congratulations on moving forward. You're far healthier than I will be when I get the nerd-muffins out of this place.

Anonymous said...

When are you moving???/