Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hello, I'm Not Stalking You

Some things, I can't wrap my brain around. Like sending emails such as the one below.

From: --
To: Christina
Subject: Stalking

Hey, Christina, how are you? I'm not stalking you. Yet!


Here's to you, future stalker! You and your uncomfortable emails!

Console me in the comments, please. I don't want to think I'm the only one who gets head scratchers like this one.


Fijufic said...

Everyone finds some kind of creep. I'm sorry. This dilemma was chronic when I was working as a professional musician.

Normally I am the antidote for amorous followers.

I would be disappointed of you ran away. You certainly make me laugh every time you post.

Be more cryptic with your identification and change your location.

Protect yourself at all times.


Sara said...

This makes me wildly uncomfortable, and I don't think it's just because I'm watching CSI:NY right now and a creepy guy snuck into Danny and Lindsey's apartment and tried to steal their daughter.

Okay, it could be partially because of that.

Here in the mountains, it'd be totally cool/expected if you started packing heat. It'd also get a large, burly gentleman named Leroy interested in you and your well being. Bonus, right?

Sara said...

P.S. If you do start carrying, my dad would roll over in his grave (he's not dead) if I didn't tell you some things.

1) Get a permit to carry.
2) Lock up your bullets and your gun in two difference places.
3) Go for a Hello, Kitty grip. This will allow you to feel both powerful AND feminine.