Saturday, January 2, 2010

Radioactivity And Lava

Now that it's been nearly two weeks since my move, I thought I'd summarize some of the activities. It might explain my less-frequent posting, my strange Tweets... or just confuse further.
  1. I watched fake snow fall in Westlake Center in Seattle... two days after the two-foot snowfall in DC that paralyzed the entire east coast. This snow at least looked radioactive to keep people interested.
  2. I met Rob Lowe's younger twin at a coffee shop when he struck up a conversation about my iPhone.
  3. I almost ended up in a ditch thanks to icy roads. I don't like icy roads.
  4. I learned how to put chains on tires (I didn't actually *d0* it, but I watched).
  5. I spent New Year's Day at my friend's house in the Cascade Mountains.
  6. At the cabin, I watched a snow plow driver nearly slide his vehicle into the house.
  7. I bought the most amazing boots with ruffles and happiness in every stitch.
  8. You may have missed the TwitPic, but Amy and Trevor and I made a gingerbread outhouse. With lava on the roof.
  9. My absence in Virginia has provoked at least one verified act of depression shopping, resulting in a huge television and Wii purchase.
  10. I launched another website,, to serve as a hub for all my online activities.
Now I've also learned that I'm kind of boring and/or forgetful.

At any rate, life is good. I'm happy about the new year, because I know if I survived 2009 then I'll be okay in 2010. Second day of the new year: how are YOU?


K said...

You know that Rob Lowe's twin wasn't really interested in your phone...

Anonymous said...

Ohh Rob Lowe's twin?? I need to look him up.

The new website looks great! I hope lots of people contact you because of it :)

Monique-aka-Surferwife23 said...

Love the new website. And I think it's too funny that Rob Lowe's twin hit on you when I was blogging about Rob Lowe!

:: Gina :: said...

2010 - the year for lovers, dreamers, and cute funny people who look like tina fey.

so glad i found your blog in 09. its quite delightful.

ps. you're too pretty to be putting chains on a tire.

Sid Prince said...

Here's the thing. I can't get the new site to come up (surly buried in traffic from all the other pretty people out there). So I'm going to take bellyshirt's word on it till I can take a look later.

BTW. The east coast is less pretty without you.


Fat fingered from my iPhone

Anonymous said...

If the boots are amazing I bet they're orange. ;)

Sara said...

I'm intrigued by the chains. I've never had to do that but I'm sure I'll also learn/watch someday.

I do, however, have wicked car knowledge now. I had a dream last night that I bought a car, went to church with Kenneth Parcell and then came out to see someone stealing it.

Of all the luck...

CaJoh said...

So glad you made it. Pretty ironic that they get slammed with snow just after you left. Must have been a lot of tears that froze into snow.