Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I Think I'm A Flamingo

I've always liked the word "quirky."

It sounds fun and much more positive than "weird." And it's younger than "eccentric," which is my eventual life adjective goal.

Today I read a post by Glen Stansberry over at LifeDev.net about embracing the things that make a person unique. I admitted, in the comments and on Twitter, that lately I've been making zombie noises when I get frustrated (so basically a CONSTANT soundtrack of the undead).

And here, I reveal exclusively to you Too Pretty readers that I noticed that when I shower, I turn into a flamingo and insist upon standing on one leg. Sometimes I switch, but never do I have both legs supporting me at once. Safety first? Obviously not.

Another quirk? Taking super cheesy pictures... WHILE STANDING ON ONE LEG!

There is a part of me that does not want to embrace those quirks. Another part of me that sounds a lot like my brain says embracing the weirdness doesn't necessarily entail admitting to it on the internets. So why am I?

Because this is who I am.

And because I once got advice from someone much wiser than me when we spoke about the possibility of my non-acceptance into the doctoral program of my dreams. I explained how I was worried that maybe my area of study didn't fit the "theme" the selection committee had that year, and maybe they'd snicker at such a Scandinavian-named girl coming in wanting to research Jewish visual rhetoric.

"If those things are true, but you were accepted anyway, is that a place where you could thrive?" she asked.

I blinked uncomprehendingly. "What do you mean?"

"If their goal is to reproduce scholars similar to themselves, then they will do so and select the candidates they think best suited for that goal. But if they want to invest in students who will go out and find their own unique niches, they will again work to find candidates who are suited to do so. What kind of student and scholar would you prefer to be?"

"Well, obviously the second kind."

"Then whether or not you're accepted, it sounds like it will be the best situation for you."

Which is another way of saying that my quirks not only make it easier to pick me out of a crowd of bland, but they also work as a filter to protect me from people and situations and haircuts that aren't going to help. I just need to love my quirks and let them live in my life.

I guess admitting to a few of them is my first step.

I miss you all! So jump into the comments, say hello, and tell me about the quirks you're embracing.


Monique-aka-Surferwife23 said...

I don't like to associate with anyone or anything bland. And you my pretty friend are far from it.

How on earth do you shower on one leg?

CaJoh said...

Better a flamingo than a lemming. Follow your own bliss no matter how quirky it may seem to you. It's those who stand out that get noticed (at least in my opinion).

Thanks for sharing,

Dave said...

Toy ninja swords. Everyone needs a hobby...

Sid Prince said...

Isn't that interesting! I stand on one leg every time I read this blog!!!

Wow...and I always thought I was just odd. Awkward. Weired. But never Quirky.

Nah - I like embracing the Awkward. So keep your quirky thank you very much (it really does fit you nicely).


Christina said...

Monique: I have no idea how I manage. I just noticed the other day I was doing it!

Cajoh: Thank you for the encouragement, you're so right. :-)

Dave: Your hobby could also double as protect against small intruders. I like it!

Sid: My blog actually makes more sense when you read it on one leg... Few people ever catch on to that!

Sara said...

This made me "LOL out loud" if you will.

The flamingo thing is awesome.

I love the word "quirky". I get described with that word a lot, and I embrace it. I hate the word "random", so that's much better.

Anonymous said...
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Nahl said...

I tend to make really weird noises when I'm bored. Seriously. That's quirky!

Anonymous said...

ummm yeah, how do u keep balance... i can barely stand on both feet.

also.... i was driving down the highway and stopped at a light and some girl in a beige car asked me for directions and she was going where i was going and i told her to follow me. anyway, i know it wasnt you but she reminded me of you. lol :-)

Natalie said...

love this post! and love my quirks! (even more now).

Monique-aka-Surferwife23 said...

i have an award for you on my blog!