Saturday, May 1, 2010

"No Subject"

Take a look at my shapely leg.

Wait, you didn't notice the lovely curve of my calf, did you? What you were probably noticing was the result of intense determination without a lot of physical coordination.

It's a long story, involving my belief that desire + stubbornness + trying really hard = achieving whatever I want (thanks, after school specials for teaching me that falsehood). The story also involves me dropping a motorcycle on my leg.

I was angry with myself for not succeeding in what I wanted to accomplish the very first time (because I am Christina, the empress of awesome), I was irritated with my leg for its multi-colored status (it made swimsuit tryouts less than appealing), and the only way I reaped anything happy out of the situation was by forcing people to look at my calf when they obviously didn't want to (I even emailed pictures to friends, using deceptive email subject lines like, "no subject").

So tell me, when you hit that moment where you can give up or try again, how do you decide which one you'll do? Or do you just make everyone around you miserable with ugly pictures?


Dave said...

I groan, have a pity-party, make everyone around me miserable, and then try again with much more determination. Almost always in that order.

Sid Prince said...

giving up not the issue. never getting on the train is where most people fail. in an acrobatic attempt to mix metaphors, I'm so very proud of you Christina for jumping into the deep end, taking on the unknown, and getting into the game.

FWIW- I dropped the first motorcycle I ever drove, a little honda shadow. More recently (last summer) I dropped a huge 1600 Kawasaki Vulcan Classic going up the side of a mountain @ Lake Lure, NC (of dirty dancing fame).

Still drove it for the 4 hour trip home...

Own that biatch. That's all I'm sayin'


Ashley said...

I bet if your mom was with you at the Motorcycle event you wouldn't have dropped a motorcycle on your leg...

Anonymous said...

WOW, well, if all else fails try again! I usually stop once my wife says "enough" LOL

But like they say, if at first you don't succeed ...... skydiving isn't for you? :) try try again!

Hope it heals soon!

Monique-aka-Surferwife23 said...

You're going to have to put those plans of leg modeling on hold now. So sad.

Jennifer Lynn said...

I always try again. Unless the injury requires surgery.....then I wait a year and TRY AGAIN! ....maybe a scooter would be lighter;)

Sara said...

I tend to wallow for a while.

The first day consists of feeling sorry for myself.

The second day involves lashing out in anger at inanimate objects.

The third day involves heavy napping a lots of NCIS.

By the fourth day, I'm generally sick of myself and move on to being proactive in some fashion.

And you know that all of this wallowing involves eating, so try to match your food to your mood.

P.S. Your bruise would be considered art if you just stuck your leg in the MoMa.